Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Barry, Barry, Barry...

If you follow baseball even a teenie bit, you have no doubt heard of a fellow named Barry Bonds who will likely break the all time home run record set by Hank Aaron. This is a vexing issue for many people because it's pretty likely that Bonds was juiced up, and by "juiced up," I mean that he was likely habitually using steroids.

That being said, today, espn.com reported that "Barry Bonds said he would give his game-worn gear to the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame should he break the all-time home run record. Bonds said he would only want to keep his shoes, bat and jersey from the record-breaking game and the Hall could have the rest of his gear."

So, basically, Bonds said that he was wanting to keep only the things that any collector would want to display, and the Hall of Fame could have the leftovers. Like his jock strap.

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