Friday, January 19, 2007

Note to Self

When you're doing a show with an actor who is reprising a lead role that he's done nearly a dozen times, and, in particular, when you are with him in a group of people who are supposed to be moving in strict unison during the opening number of the show, and he moves his arm at the wrong time, and, likely due to being flustered, very obviously proceeds to start to turn around when the group is supposed to be moving to stage right while facing forward, you will be able to keep yourself composed. However, when the group is turning at the correct time, and you hear him say in his gravelly voice, quite audibly, "Oh boy...", you will very nearly poop your pants as you try even harder to hold back the laughter that you had been holding back previously.

Relatedly, when you get off-stage, you will think to yourself with a smile, "God, thanks for this one. I love what I do."


Analyst Catalyst said...

I'll be sure to include some of my own memorable screw-ups from the past in the near future.

Man, theatre's great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bryan.

Theatre McGilly