Friday, January 26, 2007

The Thing about Audiences

Sometimes, when you're on stage, you know where you stand with an audience. When they applaud loudly for what is applause-worthy, they laugh at what is funny, and they are respectfully quiet during sad or awkward scenes, you know that you have their emotions in the palm of your hand and that your performance is really reaching them.

However, when the opposite occurs, that is, when they are quiet when they should be loud and there is lots of rustling and/or coughing when they should be quiet, you can't help but feel like you're not doing a very good job, like, despite your best efforts, you just can't suspend their disbelief. It's quite discouraging.

Last night's audience was, as you may have guessed, somewhat like the latter group. They seemed unappreciative and distracted. Worse yet, they were occasionally distracting. For example, during a scene that is lit only by black light for an extended period of time, a woman wearing a large white coat (which was very, very noticable thanks to the black light) decided that that was the perfect time for her to get up from her fourth row center seat, and slowly make her way to the lobby, illumined for all to see.

During the show, nearly everyone in the cast made some comment about how the crowd was "dead" and "unresponsive."

However, when curtain call came, we received a standing ovation.

People are fascinating.


aurelia said...

No. People are hypoctrical asses.

Anonymous said...

Aurelia, life is too short to let them get away with that. Stay true to your anger and fight the good fight.

thany said...

I sang with a band that led worship at a church in La Jolla. We were a full on gospel, R&B, rock and roll band so, as you may be able to gather, we were the kind of band that brought people to move, clap, sing loud and do their lever best to make more noise than we did.

When we sang at this church in La Jolla, there was none of that. No singing, clapping or anything. We were trying so hard to draw even a smile reflecting the Joy of the Lord from these people and it was like pulling teeth!

After the worship set and after the sermon, we had more people than I could count come up and thank us for the worship. They used words like "exciting" and "moving." I wondered where all these people had been sitting.

People are ABSOLUTELY fascinating.

thany said...

"lever best"

Nice, Thany. Nice.