Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brian, Buddy, Where You Been? The Term Is Asian-American.

There is a sushi place near my home that I enjoy going to because it is delicious, reasonably priced, and convenient. Plus, it's called "Tony's Sushi*." You know that it's got to be pretty legit if they're not even going to try to come up with a Japanese sounding name with which to entitle their sushi restaurant.

One thing that I noticed right away about it was that it liked to take some liberties with some rolls that are pretty much the same at every other sushi restaurant. An example is their Philadelphia Roll. Everywhere else, this is served with salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber. However, Tony's Sushi decided to add avocado. While I was briefly unamused at first (mostly at the difference in texture), I realized that it was still pretty delicious, and now I look forward to this difference. However, it seems that not everybody is happy with the liberties taken.

When I went there last night to pick up some quick and reasonably healthy dinner, I noticed a sign on the counter that said, in effect, that this restaurant was not every other sushi restaurant and that it didn't have to make its rolls exactly like everybody else. It also advised customers to be aware of what the menu says is in the rolls before ordering because after it will not issue refunds after the roll has been made.

In concluded with the line, "Thank you for your corporations."

I'm not going to lie; I found this pretty dang funny. Even so, I was glad that there was only one copy of this exercise in near homonyms for the sake of their business until I looked up and saw laminated copies push-pinned into the wall above every booth in the restaurant.

Yikes. I give them an A for deliciousity, an F for vocabulary, though maybe a C for decisiveness.

*It's right off the I-15 at Aero Drive, if anybody's looking for something tasty.


Christie said...

Ha Ha! That's so funny, but I get that same feeling as when one of my kids comes out wearing an outfit that definitely doesn't match: "Aaaw, how cute that you took care of yourself, but quick! go change before anyone else sees you!!"

Buttercup said...

Corporations?!?! Ohhhh, that's just too hilarious! Never heard of a Philadelphia roll with avo - maybe this hybrid could be called a "Calidelphia" or an "East Meets West" roll instead, so customers would expect something a little different...a little crazier than your average Philadelphia roll. Or people could just read the ingredients listed on the menu:) What a concept!