Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek

Prior to seeing the new Star Trek, four of us have decided to watch through the whole series of movies prior to seeing the new movie. We have only gotten through the first three at this point, and, so that the rest of you can watch the movie in peace without going through these potentially painful steps, here are short synopses as well as my rating of the movies (based on an unexplained, though probably obvious, scale of of 7-13 A.C.s).

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Kirk takes the Enterprise. They fight a cloud. Boredom ensues.

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
Bugs go in ears. Mind Control. Kirk screams "KHAAAAAANNNNN!!!" Hilarity Ensues. Spock dies?

Star Trek: The Search for Spock
Kirk takes the Enterprise, and blows it up. Klingon falls in lava. Hilarity Ensues. Spock lives?

I hope I didn't spoil anything (is it possible to spoil movies that are at least 25 years old?).


Christie said...

Ah, Whitey, you have done it again. I love the rating scale! And the sleeping pictures. And the hilarity ensuing. Now I don't even have to go back and see all of those movies thanks to your elegantly written synopses. Thanks for sharing!

Mama V said...

Awesome... truly.

I appreciate your saving me from close to 6 hours I might have wasted... now I will have the time to organize every shelf in my house and floss my kitty's teeth! :)

GREAT rating systems. Three thumbs up!

Mama V said...

The REAL test is this... how committed ARE you to understanding and appreciating the full plot of the new movie? ...

A truly committed person (take that as you will) would sit through every EPISODE of Star Trek, yes?

Analyst Catalyst said...

Christie: There is some difference of opinion at the White House. Paula seems to like #3 better than the second, so you may have to watch at least those two to weigh in.

Mama V: That is very true, and Dina seems to want to sit through every episode of every series. I think she definitely is a true fan. Me, I just want to watch the new movie. :)