Friday, November 10, 2006

An Email

I just got an email regarding a spreadsheet that I and several coworkers were supposed to have worked on and have completed by this afternoon. The initiator of the spreadsheet sent out an email asking all of the people who do what I do and a few others, including my boss, if we were all finished with it.

I, being a good boy, as soon as I received the email, clicked "reply all," and quickly typed "I'm Done!"

Well, I thought that that was what I had typed.

You see, my fingers got the best of me for a moment, and, although I thought that what I had typed indicated to others that I had completed the task, what my fingers actually typed was, "I'm Dong!" which I think would have indicated something else about myself entirely.

Fortunately I caught my error in time, but how bad would that have been, huh? A lot worse than singing the wrong word at a funeral, I'll tell you that much right now!


Red Riding Hood said...

Heehee! The answer to the eternal question...What sound would you make if you were a bell?...Excellent...Mystery solved!

miss thany said...

I'm Dong!

Oh yeah, and this one hurt too.
Quit making me hurt.
(No wait, don't. I won't have anything to look forward to.)