Friday, November 10, 2006

This Is Why I Don't Get Invited Places

This morning I had the honor of singing a couple of songs at a funeral. While I didn't know the woman who had passed away, based upon the recollections presented of her by friends and family members, she seemed like she was a nice enough person, one whose memory makes people smile absent smiles.

I sang two hymns, one of which I fairly well, and one that I knew really well. The first song went off without a hitch, but for some reason, partway through the last verse of the second song, I started singing an entirely wrong word which I quickly corrected. Nobody said anything about it, and people even told me that I sang well, but you just don't want to mess somebody's funeral up, you know?

In retrosect, it probably wasn't a huge deal, but at the time, I felt that it was on par with asking a larger but not pregnant woman if she were pregnant or like Ross claiming time and time again that he and Rachel were on a break. It's just something that you don't do.

Sigh. Oh well. So it goes.


miss thany said...

I had a similar situation at a funeral where I all of a sudden forgot the tune to Amazing Grace in the middle of the song.

Before I had to launch into the tune from "Gilligan's Island" (you know about that, right?) my brilliant pianist filled in the notes for me and no one had a clue. Except my friend Samer who just openly laughed.

If I had been there with you, I probably would have openly laughed at you too. (But in private, I don't need to pull a Mary Tyler Moore at the funeral. Wait-did I just totally date myself with that reference? Red, do you back me on this one?)

Why is this comment so long? What's wrong with me?

Red Riding Hood said...

Backing you up, one of the funniest Mary Tyler Moore Episodes I've ever seen.

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