Friday, March 16, 2007

A Call Back for a Call Back

Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from the theatre company mentioned yesterday, requesting me to come in for another call back, which I will be going to tonight.

Based on a variety of things which may or may not prove to be mind games in my own mind, I really think that the director wants me for this role. As I have never been this far in this theatre's audition process, I don't know how odd it is for them to have a call back for a call back.

I REALLY want to get into this show. I'll keep you updated on how things progress.

Part of what makes me think that acting is a good career choice for me is that I love both auditions and call backs. For the most part, I am pretty confident in the abilities that I have, and I am very willing to work on the abilities that I don't have (see: dancing). With this in mind, auditions become less about self doubt, and more about just trying to do your best, which I think is a trait that all of us have had pounded into our little heads since grade school. Certainly I don't get cast in every show, but not every show needs my type of character. I can usually accept this pretty well.

Here's to hoping this show needs my type.


Thany said...

Break a leg, AC.

:: mandy :: said...

I like that. I've learned the same with wedding photography, relationships, etc. If you want me, grand. I will be the best me you've ever seen. But if me is not what you're looking for, well, then I'm outta luck.

(and I'll keep looking for the things that do, indeed, want my type.)