Monday, March 19, 2007

Starbucks Crumble Coffee Cake

The crumble coffee cake at Starbucks is delicious. I love it. Were it possible to marry a pastry dish without scorn from ignorant people who just don't understand our love, I would consider marrying it.

However, the honeymoon with my new infatuation has to end sometime, and mine ended this morning when I read that each piece of coffee cake has 500 calories. I'm sorry, but that is an exorbitant number of calories from something that doesn't even have frosting.

As you can imagine, this realization led to the first real fight in my secret relationship, which I will document for you here.

Me: Coffee cake! I love you! How can you be so bad for me?
Coffee Cake: ...
Me: How can you just sit there in silence? I demand a response!
Coffee Cake: ...
Me: Oh, I see how it is. Consider us over!
Coffee Cake: ...
Me: How can you be so cold and cruel?

In other news, the call back that was supposed to have been on Friday got pushed back to this coming Sunday. I was really hoping to get it out of the way on Friday, because then I would know one way or the other more quickly. I guess it's kind of exciting to still be in the running, though.

Unfortunately for me, I have verified that one of the two other actors who is still up for the same part is one who has already worked for the theatre. With this theatre liking to hire the same actors repeatedly, this doesn't bode well for the AC. However, I continue to think that the director is really interested in me for this part, so I guess we'll just have to see how this plays out. Theoretically, I have a 33% chance. I like those odds.


Thany said...

You should bring him a basket of mini-muffins. No one can resist them.

Someone sent us a basket at work once and people went crazy over those little muffins.
It was the best day.

Analyst Catalyst said...

I know, I know. Here I always thought that I was more of a Chandler, and here I am turning into a Ross.

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.