Friday, March 09, 2007

New Commenting

I do apologize for having to now moderate comments, but it appears that too many people are now leaving links on this little site-e-poo trying to peddle their wares of viagra and celebrity sex tapes. While this was amusing at first, mostly because I figure that there are all of about 6 people who come here regularly, it has grown tiresome.

In other news, I still haven't heard back from my grad school audition. I kind of expected that it would take a few weeks for them to decide that I was the best choice, but even so, I still hoped that they would make their decision more quickly.

On the other hand, perhaps they, in looking through my transcript, have realized that I got that "C" grade on my under-grad senior recital (I wrote 45 minutes of original choral music for that dang thing...what does everybody want from me?), and they have decided that I am therefore too average to join the higher echelon of their student body. If this is the case, I will strike it up as yet another reason that I should have thought twice about trying to get a music degree from "Frank's Technical College of Applied Dentistry and Metallurgy."*

Sigh. Some day I'll get into grad school. Some day.

*The college I went to is actually a very fine college. Really.

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Red Riding Hood said...

"The college I went to is actually a very fine college. Really." -no, it's not. really.