Monday, March 26, 2007

The Thing About Callbacks

I love acting; I really do. I derive great amounts of both joy and pleasure from it. As you may or may not know, however, in order to act, you must go to both auditions and callbacks. Sometimes these callbacks are far away, and you must drive for forty-five minutes to get there, and then drive for nearly an hour and a half to get home because Cal-Trans decided that last night was the opportune time to shut down Interstate 5 a few miles before before the exit to my apartment.

Sometimes the part that you make the afore-mentioned journey for only has three lines: "All right, knock it off," "Impossible," and "Goodbye boys." While you are thankful for the callback, you can't help but spend your minutes sitting around waiting at the callback trying to figure out just how much gas spent driving comes out to on a per word basis.

I love acting; I really do. But sometimes, just sometimes, I'd rather be taking a nap.

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The gf said...

haha, i totally agree.