Friday, February 13, 2009

Among the Reasons I Love Her

ACWIFE: 03:54:45 PM : hey
ACWIFE: 03:54:50 PM : you back?
ACWIFE: 03:55:01 PM : ever think about the word we use "decremental"...
ACWIFE: 03:55:34 PM : if I was going to think of an opposite of "incremental" it would have be excremental.... LOL get it?
ACWIFE: 03:55:37 PM : POOP
AC: 04:19:17 PM : hahahaha
AC: 04:19:27 PM : you are the funniest love in the world!
ACWIFE: 04:19:44 PM : hahahaah
ACWIFE: 04:19:54 PM : I'm just sitting over here looking through excremental usage...
ACWIFE: 04:19:55 PM : lol
AC: 04:20:03 PM : hahahah


Buttercup said...

You two are so funny - I love how your humor plays off each other. Makes for a great comedic tag team:)

Analyst Catalyst said...

Yeah, she's one of the good ones. :)