Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Not Mad, Internet, I'm Just a Little Disappointed

It is almost never a good idea to buy something from a rinky-dink website.

How do I know this?

I still haven't received my pens!

I know that there were many warning signs along the way that should have told me not to buy them, from the fact that I had never heard of the website before ( Sounds like an alternate working title to "Dawn of the Dead") to the fact that I had no idea of the answer to the question of how very happy the prospect of bringing five pounds of unmatched pens into our living space would make my beautiful and loving wife (answer: not very).

Now, it's been three weeks, and I still don't have them. To make matters worse, I have called their customer service department twice and emailed them twice, and I have yet to receive an answer. To make matters even worse, when I ordered them, I had no idea that I checked a box that entitled me to win some internet lottery, which has only made the Zimbabwean princesses come out of the woodwork with, either, offers of large sums of money to be deposited into my bank account if I will just send them my account number and my social security number (FYI, my SSN is 7...I'm older than I look) or offers of male enhancement (which turns out to be, surprisingly, NOTHING like the adamantium claws that I thought it was).

Fortunately, I paid through Paypal, so if those glorious pens that I was so excited about do not come, I should be able to get my money back.

So, like I said in the title, Internet (if you're still reading grad schools, I am currently utilizing apostrophe), It's not so much that I'm mad, but I will certainly miss that thing that I love most of all, that is to say, my appointment. I am left with just disappointment.


Thany said...

I find myself greatly disappointed as well. 20 pounds of pens just might be a dream come true.

Analyst Catalyst said...

That's all I'm thinking!