Thursday, June 11, 2009

Final Destination?

So the missus and I are off to San Antonio for a second wedding for some friends. They are getting married to each other, again, though they have already been married in California. But you know what they say: "You're not really married until you've gotten married in more than one state."* And I say bully for them!

In planning our trip, we got a pretty good deal on our hotel. It's a four-star, swanky place for a reasonable price. So I signed up for it and went on my merry way, only to be met with wide eyes from my friends from Texas when I told them where we were staying.

It turns out our hotel, the Emily Morgan Hotel, is incredibly haunted. The building was formerly a hospital, and it dates back to the Alamo.

So. That will be fun. No wonder we got a good price. I hope the rooms at least come with a nightgown and night cap to wear, and a candlestick to shake as I search for answers down dark hallways.

*It's technically just a ceremony for their friends and family, not an actual new marriage.


Dan O. said...

It was nice knowing you Bryan, but it sounds like you won't be checking out of that haunted hotel.

And if you're getting married twice, doesn't it cancel out the first one so now you have to get married a third time?

Mama V said...

That's awesome. I pray you survived!

P.S. I had a vivid mental image of you and your bride wearing night caps and gowns with flickering candles in hand. :) And it creeped me out a bit... Well described.