Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Yesterday, I went to my cousin-in-law's graduation from high school, which was held up in Escondido at the Performing Arts Center. He graduated from a charter school that is actually a conglomeration of several very small private schools as well as a good number of home-schooled students.

The place was pretty crowded, as these events tend to be, so we had to go up to the second balcony to find empty seats as the event was starting as we were getting there. After we sat down, other people asked to pass by us to find their own empty seats.

One man, after he passed us, stopped for a second, looked at me, and said, "Hey! Aren't you A.C.?"*

As I frantically racked my brain to remember who this gentleman was, I replied with a quizzical smile on my face, "Yeah?"

He smiled broadly and said, "A.C.! From the cruise!"

I suppose it isn't unreasonable that most of the people on a three day cruise that departs from San Diego are from the San Diego area, but it was pretty surprising to be recognized up in Escondido. I guess my fame is growing, slowly but surely.

Fortunately for my poor cousin-in-law, the man didn't ask me if I was the guy from the hairy chest contest, so I was able to leave my shirt on throughout the entire ceremony.**

*The man used my real name when he recognized me. If you can imagine, I am an even more minor internet celebrity than I am a minor cruise celebrity.
**When I got to the car after the graduation, however, the shirt came off. It was a hot day, and that's how I roll in the Camry.***
***Totally joking.****
****Or am I?


Buttercup said...

That is awesome! At this rate, you WILL be a celebrity - for your writing, acting & improv cruise routines:) I wish I had the nerve to do half the stuff you do!

Mama V said...

LOL... I was kinda hoping he HAD called you A.C. How cool would that be to have your blog work be recognized in public... ofcourse, not half as cool as being recognized for your hairy chest...

The graduation sounds really familiar... perhaps because LAST June, my baby brother also graduated at the Performing Arts Center... "from a charter school that is actually a conglomeration of several very small private schools as well as a good number of home-schooled students." Small world!

Oh, and Coach & I would like to share our disappointment in the fact that you were literally down the street from our home that night... I'm sure you had family stuff afterward... however, just know we were in fact home... probably changing a poopy diaper or something. :) Just sayin'...

Mama V said...

...Ok, so I feel lie a creep now. Matt told me we are going to see you guys tonight. But instead of deleting my prior comment (because the delete button is just too far away and my post too long... do you know how long it would take for me to delete all of that) ...ahem... I've decided to just leave it and add on an apology instead. And I'm not happy about it. ;)