Friday, March 06, 2009

Don't Quote Me on This

A couple of months ago, my wife and I noticed some signs in the little cafe in our office building. They each said some variant of this:

We now serve "Oatmeal" for "Breakfast."

We of course thought this was hilarious. What is it that these people are serving and calling "Oatmeal?" Was "Breakfast" some sort of euphemism? Why couldn't all the signs get their stories straight? With the signs saying different things, how would we know that, when we asked for oatmeal, we would actually be receiving oatmeal versus receiving "Oatmeal?"

I thought my wife and I were just weird, until I came across this site today. It refers to itself as the "Blog" of "Unnecessary Quotes," and it cracks me up. People take pictures of misused and abused quotation marks on signs, and they send them in to the webmaster of this site, who displays them.

If you have a few minutes, go and check it out. It pretty much made my day, which I acknowledge is both sad and pathetic.


Buttercup said...

This might be entirely "unnecessary" to mention, but I just bookmarked that site in my "entertainment" folder :)

You know who...I think said...

With the exception of your American Idol offering, I don't think I had until tonight seen any of this barrage of March posts that followed your silence in the final week of Feb. Now, despite the fact that I was "hanging out" with you from Sat. to Mon., I feel like I don't even know who you are anymore. =)

"A") While I'm not into putting much stock in telling people what they're like based on such data as their initials, I think your little profile "happens"* to be accurate in some meaningful ways.

"B") Were I a "large, furry creature" in close proximity to your workspace and had you a lightsaber, I would willingly offer up my entrails for your warmth.**

"C") The Prescritptivist v. Descriptivist "background" setup of your linguistic-oriented post is not without merit itself as a topic of thought and conversation, for what my opinion is worth.

*While any accuracy in that profile may not be the result of a special connection between your initials and your personality, I don't truly take that to mean that such accuracy is rightly attributed to mere happenstance.

**Void where said conditions are actually present.

Christie said...

I have also "seen" many "signs" like the ones you and your "wife" saw at work. I can't ever get over the "extra" quotes "all over the place." Maybe "someone" should "take an English class"...or "two".