Monday, March 02, 2009

Lose Yourself in the Music, the Moment

I hope that this isn't too inappropriate to write, but last night, my wife and I were doing something that young married people tend to do: watching episodes of "American Idol" on our dvr.* The episodes we were watching involved the second group of twelve that was set to be wittled down to three people.

At the end of the show, I, caught up in the music and the emotion of the show, grabbed my phone and tried to vote for one of the contestants, only to receive a busy signal on my phone. Please bear in mind that, not only had the results show for this group already happened, but also that we had this results show on our dvr.

So I was trying to vote for something that not only had happened in the past, but also something that I had recorded on my tv. I'm just a dunce cap and a corner away from being a dunce with a cap sitting in the corner.

As you can imagine, I was pretty disappointed when the contestant I wanted to vote for lost (I imagine by one vote). Alas!



Buttercup said...

Oh, man! That first line made me gasp & my jaw dropped down to my knees - I totally thought something scandalous was coming! LOL!

Christie said...

So did I!! And then I thought maybe the * would say something like "names have been changed to protect my lovely wifey's reputation". I was a little disappointed when it was actually about American Idol--although that was pretty funny too! :)

Analyst Catalyst said...