Friday, April 20, 2007

I Am A Thought Criminal

I came up with an excellent idea maybe a month ago. Actually, I can't remember if I was the one to originally think of this, or if it was somebody close to me. I find that this issue of origination is apparently frequently open to interpretation in my noggin'. For the life of me, I can't figure out why, as most of my day to day thoughts are a variants on four subjects:

1) When I'll be eating next,
2) When I'll be sleeping next,
3) When I get to hang out with my girlfriend again, and
4) Just how many staples I could get into my jugular vein before I passed out from blood loss/whether I could count said incident as a work related accident, and get paid while I'm in the hospital.

Nevertheless, the awesome idea that may or may not be able to be attributed to me probably struck me right around the time that I watched Casino Royale. I remembered that I had seen very few of teh other Bond films. This seemed like a shame as Casino Royale was so much fun. Therefore, I thought that it would be terrific to devote a weekend to watching all of the Bond films sequentially. Just the sheer quantity of movies would surely require nearly two whole days of no sleep.

However, after speaking with some friends and remembering what the second thing is that I tend to have on my mind, we decided to go with breaking the Bond viewing action up.

So, tomorrow night, I'll be watching From Russia With Love, and whatever the devil the first Bond movie is.

Mm. Sean Connery goodness. I can't wait

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