Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This Was My Dream

I oftentimes can't remember what I dreamt, but last night, I had a dream so vivid and remarkable, that it actually managed to journey from my unconscious to my conscious mind.

And here it is.

I, and three young women and one young girl from the show that I was just in, were together in a house. It wasn't any of our houses, mind you, but I'll get to that aspect in a second. This house was fairly labyrinthine, in that moving from room to room was a lot like following the line at an amusment park: the turns were very angular and there was only one way to go without turning around. Further, much of what we saw as we were walking through this house was behind a mesh covering, much like most of the things that you see in line at the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.

Now, for some reason, at the top of our lungs, we were all singing the Aerosmith song "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," which is the song that was popularized by being played approximately twenty-seven million times in the late nineties and by being the love song in the movie Armageddon.

As we continued singing and walking, we realized (or, I guess, intuitively understood as there was no real reason to believe that we were where we were until a bit later) that we were making our way through Aerosmith's house. This really hit home to us when we passed by a couple of beds, one of which was occupied by Joe Perry and the other by Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler was in fact so impressed with our collective rendition of his song, that he gave us a big thumbs up.

Other than that the details are a little shaky. I remember deciding to go to head tone instead of chest tone for the one of the high parts (the "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah!"), and I felt shame in the dream as I thought that I had sounded ridiculous, and this fact was emphasized when one of the women gave me the stink eye after that note.

When we got to the end of the song, we all looked at each other as if to say, "What now?" And then I woke up.

I think my dream means that one day, soon, Steven Tyler will approve of me, and women will hate me. What else could it mean?

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Thany said...

I think it means lay off the late night pizas AC.