Monday, April 16, 2007

Just So You Know

This is going to come out sounding like it's pompous, but I am not overly concerned. I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person. I'm not exactly a genius (which I measure by the fact that I'm not curing cancer in my spare time), but I'm not exactly a dullard (which I measure by the fact that I don't constantly laugh at the fact that I have toes) either.

Because I consider myself reasonably intelligent, sometimes somebody else will do something to me that makes me think less of their intelligence.

Example: This morning, I walked into work carrying a book with a rich and beautiful story and an intriguing and thought-provoking set of characters. Someone asked me what I was reading, and I told her.

She (with minor disgust): What? Didn't you see the movie?
Me (trying to gauge and respond to her unspoken criticism): Yes. I guess the movie was probably too sissily romantic for someone like me to watch, but I thought it was ...
She: Romantic? I thought that movie was boring. (Laughs) I thought that movie was boring.

Response to She: First, let me say that your repeating your point twice doesn't really add that much to the conversation. I'm not sure if you were saying it for emphasis or not, but I suspect that you weren't. Second, if someone is reading the book of a movie that they've already seen, that probably means that they found a depth in the movie that they are looking to expand upon, and they hope that the book will provide that added depth. Thirdly, insisting that a movie was boring to a person who is reading the book will probably make you look like you are functionally retarded, and just barely so at that.

Sigh. Maybe I am pompous. I'll have to work on that.


Red Riding Hood said...

what book was it?

Analyst Catalyst said...

The English Patient. Sh.