Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Note to Self

When you go home for Easter weekend, and you remember that a friend of yours has taught you how to do a circus trick that looks like this except that one of the bodies is reversed so that the heads are pointing in opposite directions as opposed to the same direction,

and you decide that the best things to do is to recreate this scene with your brother, you will more or less succeed, and it will be pretty cool.

However, because you opted to be the base (the one with his feet on the ground), for the next few days following said circus-ery, your legs will feel like you spent the entire weekend kicking butt and taking names, but you will have neither names nor remembrances of butts to console your aching, burning thighs.

Be advised.

1 comment:

The gf said...

This was a highly entertaining feat. You should definitely consider the circus as an option for employment.