Friday, May 26, 2006


I've just got a couple of things to say today, and the first of which is that I don't know how regularly I'm going to be able to post next week as I will be going on vacation to the great state of Minnesota. I'll be staying at some kind of resort with the gf's family; it should be good times.

Secondly, does anybody else here use myspace? Can anybody tell me why there are a plethora (si, a plethora el guapo) of ads with women wearing not very many clothes? Is myspace just a front for huge porn corporation? I am speaking of the dating ***coughcoughescortcough*** service that myspace seems to be promoting pretty heavily. I find myself loggin in and hoping that I don't get fired for looking at porn at work.

And, thirdly, some pictures of fizzball in all of its glory. Be advised that it is less of a sport and more of an act of aggression against cheap soda.

I first present: Joshua "Tater Tots" McGillicutty* in an act of swinging glory.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can't tell by the picture, but Josh had been wearing a cape of sorts up until this point. The rest of us opted to cover ourselves with plastic bags, but Josh, an apparent superhero, went with the cape look. So, if you're ever in distess, just start singing, "I Need a Hero," and Josh will come a-running.

The next contender is Austin "The Great Steak" O' Malley*

Wow! Look at that Soda Fly! It was as if he were the Magna Carta and the can was the king's expectation of his own rights and ruling priviledges...or something.

Thirdly, we've got Iain "The Professor" Atog*.

Look at that steadfast determination on his part. No can can stand up to this man, I'm telling you this!

As Blogger will not let me upload any more pictures right now, eveyone will just have to wait for the rest of the pictures, including yours truly smashing cans to bits.

Have a great Memorial Day!

*Names changed to protect the innocent. Also for comedic effect. Austin O' Malley? Now that's comedy.


Saint Me said...

AC!!! I vote for you as this years MVP of Fizzball!

beloved said...

Way to proted the innocent!

So, proted...? The antonym of anti-ted, the proting of days gone by?