Friday, May 12, 2006

Top Five Movies from High School: #4--Can't Hardly Wait

Synopsis: Preston (Ethan Embry) is something of a modern day mystic; he associates everything in his life with supernatural causes. For example, he has been in love with Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) ever since the first day that he saw her at school, and this is largely due to the fact that she was enjoying the very same breakfast pastry that he was. Unfortunately for Preston, the school's quarterback talked to her before Preston had the chance to, and Amanda has been going out with the quarterback all four years of high school, and right up until the day that the movie takes place in. Preston, who is going off to some pre-college classes the very next day(because he's a moron) , only has that night to profess his love for her, which just so happens to be the night of the graduation party. How will he express his feelings for her, you ask? The answer is simple: he will give her a letter that he has written and rewritten many times over since his freshman year that explains his feelings for her. Now add to this story a story about a boy named Kenny (Seth Green) who believes himself to be a gangsta' (and who also, inexplicably, got into UCLA), and who is trying to hook up at this party with a story about a group of nerds who are trying to get back the the quarterback who made their high school careers miserable, and you've got yourself comedic gold.

Why I Liked this Movie: There is a point in the movie where Amanda finds Preston's letter, and she walks around trying to find Preston because she is obviously moved by his expressions of appreciation for her. In the course of her wandering, she speaks with two guys who are either idiots or else they are expanding their minds through the use of illegal substances, and she queries them about what Preston looks like. They respond that he has hair and that he wears shirts sometimes. That part sticks out in my mind because it is just hilarious to me that that is the best explanation that two people working in conjunction could come up with for what Preston looks like. The rest of the movie is filled with random humor like that that just makes me want to petition the Motion Picture Academy to reconsider its choice for best movie in 1998 (who even likes Shakespeare in Love? People with two X chromosomes, that's who!).

It should also be noted that Seth Green on the commentary track on the dvd does the first half of his commenting with a British accent, which forces all people watching the commentary to say to themselves, "Wuh? I didn't know he was British? Is 'I didn't know he was British?' even a real question?" However, all three people who listened to the commentary find out the truth halfway through the movie when one of the other people commenting on the movie asks him if he's going to keep up the accent the whole way, and he replies that he won't, and drops back into his normal speaking voice.

Another reason I like it is because of my blind devotion to Ethan Embry due to his appearance in another movie that will be ranked higher than this one on this list.

Also, this movie has one of the nerdy guys mentioned above doing a spectacular job of singing "Paradise City" by Guns & Roses. This sequence is the aural equivalent of watching the video of that star wars kid that is floating around the internet. It is hilarious and strangely riveting.

Why I Didn't Like It: Amanda was played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, and she did a fine job. However, by definition, Jennifer Love Hewitt is neither Katie Holmes or Liv Tyler, both of whom I had big crushes on in high school.

Why It's on the List: One day in high school, a friend of mine (who writes The Martyrdom of Saint Me) couldn't believe that I had not seen this movie, and he insisted on coming over and watching it that very day. Nowadays, although I don't get to talk to him as much as I would like to, I consider him one of my very good friends. Now while we probably would have been friends without watching this movie together, I am unable to think of this movie without reminding myself of how lucky I am to have Saint Me as a friend.

Now I realize that the above section is less about why the movie is on the list and more about why this movie reminds me of my friend, but it's my blog, and I'll let the logic lapse around here when I please. :)


Thany said...

LOVE Can't Hardly Wait and-get ready, I am about to name drop-Kristanne and I grew up with Ethan Embry. I had a crush on his brother and Ethan had a crush on me. His parents were my Sunday School teachers.

Aren't you so privileged to know me (and Kristy too?)

Analyst Catalyst said...


I will assume it is because this information was on a need to know basis, and HEAVEN KNOWS I NEED TO KNOW!

That's way cool. My closest glimpses at celebrities were one time when I talked with Ben Stein in an airport and this other time when I played poker with Jay from the Kevin Smith movies.

But your story wins. Hands down.

Saint Me said...

SOMEBODY?? More like NOBODY!!!