Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Things You Didn't Ever Want to Know About Me

After months and months of not being able to take care of a customer of mine, I was finally able to service them (which sounds really bad, I know). This made me very happy. Let's just say that it made me so happy that when the spreadsheet equalled out to the penny (and it was in the neighborhood of a fifth of a million), I alternately wanted to cry and defecate in my pants, which I figure has got to be the very opposite of angst.

Now, about the top five list. I will not announce the topic yet as I am a spiteful person like that. However, what I will announce is that there will be a contest to go along with the list, and the winner will receive some free schwag that is oriented towards this website, or else they can take me out to dinner because not everybody is a nerd like me and enjoys getting obscure gifts, but everybody enjoys my company.

With that in mind, these are your rules.

1) For each day that the contest goes on, you can guess what the next item is that I will be selecting for the list. Guesses should be sent to analystcatalyst at

2) The person with the most correct guesses, wins!

3) Much like the Highlander, there can only be one winner.

That is all. You may now resume with your regularly scheduled programming.

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