Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Analyst Catalyst: A Great Fisherman, or the Greatest Fisherman?

I had the excellent opportunity to go fishing last night, and I came away with either three or four fish depending on whom you speak with. If you count a fish biting on the line of a pole that I was holding while someone else was baiting my hook, then I had four. If you don't, then I had three. If you're still having problems with the math, you should consider consulting my other blog:

One of the most peculiar phenomena that I have experienced out here in Minnesota, and one that I was particularly aware of last night, is that the sun doesn't go down at a reasonable time. For instance, in San Diego, it usually gets dark around six or seven o'clock, depending on daylight savings time. However, in Minnesota, it doesn't get dark until ten at night!

What? Who decided that that was a good idea? Although, in thinking about it right now, it makes this just about a perfect vacation spot in that the mosquitoes tend to attack at dusk, and so the longer days give all of us more mosquito free time.

Of course, I could have just stayed in Southern California and not had to worry about any mosquitoes at all, but that's a different story... :-)

But back to fishing, for the first three hours or so, there was nary a bite. However, just as the sun was about to go down, everybody on the boat seemed to be able to catch fish after fish, and by that I mean, of course, that I was able to catch fish after fish, which is what prompts the question at the title of this post.

I guess only history will tell who the greatest is, but I will tell you this: the fishes were delicious.

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