Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Mosquitoes, er, Lakes

All right, so I have been in the great state of Minnesota since Saturday, and I have only seen 32 of the 10,000 lakes, and that includes some "lakes" that are very questionable ("lakes" that are primarily five foot by five foot and I think more used for rain runoff than fishing). I have, however, been bitten at least 10,000 times by the villainous blood suckers.

Yesterday, I found one on my leg that apparently had been there for a little while, and so by the time that I had opportunity to smash it, well, I quite literally had a Rorschach test on my hands.

It made me think of anger and revenge, if you are wondering.

I'll give more information as it presents itself. The trip has been a good time so far, other than the bugs. I have been reminded of a childhood interest in tennis, which, by the way, I am awesome at.

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