Thursday, July 27, 2006

Little Brown Dress

A lady, in an effort to combat commercialism, made a pact with herself to wear just one dress every day for a whole year. According to the pictures, she could wear different accessories, but she had to wear the dress as the main piece of clothing every day.

This is pretty cool.

EDIT: Technically, going from July 7 to July 7 is 366 days, which is one day longer than the average year, but I won't hold that against her. I'll just smugly mention it here because I am smug and I can therefore do nothing but be smug.


Red Riding Hood said...

i'm commenting :)

Analyst Catalyst said...

Close, but no cigar. :) We're still a few away.

Red Riding Hood said...


Thany said...

And I felt so smart being the first to comment on the "Tomorrow" post. Double drat.

But who's the loser now? AC: Just got to see "Wicked" at the Civic good! i heard you saw it in NY, was it with Kristen Chenowith???

Analyst Catalyst said...

No, it wasn't with Kristen, although that would have been awesome.

I saw it with Shoshana Bean as Elphaba and Meagan Hilty as Galinda.

How did you like it?

On an interesting note, my girlfriend had a lunch appointment, and upon her return (around 130) she couldn't find a parking spot, and she frantically was blaming the people who went to see Wicked.

That's cool that you got to see it. I'm going Sunday night. Paula and I also have like sixth row tickets, but I have Godspell rehearsal to go to...DANGIT!!! So I can't go.

But I get to see it from the nosebleed section on Sunday!


FlippingChipmunk said...

Nosebleed or not, I hear that show is great!

I find that dress story to be rather pretentious. Also, inconsiderate of the people around her. Stinky, stinky woman.

Thany said...

Ha! Tell Paula that my friend Susie and I were blaming the fact that we were late for the show on all the stinkin' people who were working! :) I thought of you guys as I circled your building... cursing your names.... because you had parking places... and because you were probably parked in mine. ;) We parked about 5 blocks away and got to walk underneath the jail! A show AND an adventure!

The show is awesome. Breathtaking, stunning. I knew I wanted to see it but I hadn't heard music or anything and I was simply taken away. We got Elphaba's understudy but she was amazing!

Too bad you can't see it from the 6th row...we were pretty close and it was great! You will enjoy it from the nosebleeds anyway though. :)

Anonymous said...

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