Monday, July 31, 2006


As I wrote recently, I had the good fortune to go and see the musical "Wicked" at the San Diego Civic theatre. I was excited to find out that the actress playing the wicked witch was Julia Murney, who I know from her work on the cast recording of another excellent show.

The show itself was terrific, but the added bonus of seeing an actress who I knew of and respected just made it that much more memorable.

And what is the downside to seeing an actress that I know off as a lead? Her solo cd that was on sale looked mighty appealing, and when I saw that it had "A Case of You," I knew that I had to have it. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but let's hope that that was fifteen bucks well spent.

Also, I cried like four times. Looks like AC's getting tired again, huh?

Oh..I am nearly all the way moved into my new apartment. I have just a few things at the old place that I still need to move, and then I will need to finish scrubbing the floors and scraping the walls clean. My family came down over the weekend and helped me both with moving and cleaning, although I suspect that they were generally disgusted at the manner to which I had become accustomed to living.

Oh well. It was great to see them, and I'm really thankful that I have a loving family who will drive five hours to help out their no-goodnik, blog-writing son.


Thany said...

Oooh I think I will have to give the CD a try too.

And don't worry, I totally cried during "Wicked." Especially during "For Good" as the girls said goodbye and I sat there sitting next to a dear friend who will be moving soon. Silent buckets of tears.

Get some sleep AC but don't sleep away the softie we all know you are.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Aw. I am a softie, that much is for sure.

I'll let you know how the cd is when I listen to it.

Anonymous said...

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