Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Secret Lives of Bloggers

As I was walking back to work from lunch, something occurred to me. I began to wonder about how many other people that I'm passing as I'm walking have their own blogs. Surely, at least one other person has one, due to the current popularity of the medium.

But then I wondered what the blogs would be about. Personal finance? Movies? Adult video reviews? I started to wonder whether or not I would want to read what they would write.

I then wondered, when I got back to my desk, how many other people were sitting at their desks dreaming about different lives, and then sharing those dreams via the internet.

I wonder how many bloggers are actually telling the truth with what they write.

It's an interesting thing, blogging is. All of the power of the written word, with no responsibilities or retribution.

Also, unrelatedly, today 7-11 stores give away free Slurpees. Everybody head on over and take them up on their free offer!


superaustin said...

On this topic, you might look into a novel entitled "Miss Misery," by Andy Greenwald. I'd write out a plot description here, but I'm sure amazon.com could do a better job for you.

Greendwald also wrote a book on emo called "Nothing Feels Good." I read about half of it before I realized that I didn't care about Jimmy Eat World. At all.

FlippingChipmunk said...

I have wondered the same thing. It's really weird to come across people I've seen on Myspace in person.

I also wonder if bloggers are lying. I really hope The Daily Dump stuff actually happens, & I think it does because I've chatted with him on AIM.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Superaustin, thanks for the tips. I'll look those up.

Chipmunk, I also hope what happens at the daily dump is real as well. That guy is hilarious. I love the way he words things.