Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beating a Dead Horse

In light of my recent infatuation with a certain dead President, I have been doing some searches for a certain Mr. Buchanan on various internet sites. I was searching on Ebay the other day, and I believe I may have found something that no one could ever possibly want:

A James Buchanan Mousepad

Now it could just be that I am vastly underestimating the demand there is for mousepads (after all, "Build a better mousepad, and the world will beat a path to your door" as the old saying goes), but I have to think that the demand for mousepads featuring obscure 19th century Presidents approaches zero, right alongside consumer desire for mouse pads with serial killers and New Kids on the Block.

At least, the above were my original thoughts. I then got to thinking that perhaps I am the demand-side of this little economics 101 example. After all, if there is exactly one mouse pad in existence featuring James Buchanan, and I am exactly one person who has more than a passing interest in him, maybe I should buy it. The world economy is in such a poor state as it is, I would be doing a disservice to the populace of earth by not doing my part as a good consumer and purchasing it.

And so I shall (because, in truth, I do need a new mouse pad; the one I have at work is getting grimy and disgusting). My only real concern is that, upon viewing my new desk fixture, conversations such as the following will occur:

Hmm. Maybe it's not such a good idea to buy it after all.


Buttercup said...

Yeah, doing research on your work computer might not go over well...UNLESS, of course, you do it on your lunch break.
I actually own a NKOTB mouse pad, thankyouverymuch. They were my first fave boy band - I remember swooning as an elementary school kid when I heard the song "My Favorite Girl" (which are, admittedly, some of the most unoriginal lyrics in music history) like some kind of modern day overly zealous Beetle fan. And now I get to relive those memories every time I gaze at my mouse pad.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Yeah, over lunch hour, that's right, that's the ticket...

Also, I think it's pretty awesome if you do have a NKOTB mouse pad, and I believe you are quite the fan because you can name any other song that they sang than "The Right Stuff."