Friday, January 09, 2009

They Are Who We Thought They Were!!!

Because my wife and I both work all day, we feel badly that we have to leave our little puppy (named Scrabble) at home because by the end of the day he is absolutely crazy (not unlike rabbits wearing pants). We feel so badly that we figured some good ways to get him to calm down would include (and we had to rhyme, not actually say them for fear of him getting upset): "Coing for a calk", "Shmaking him to the shmound", and "iving him a burby."

So, in the interest of not spending our golden years in prison for animal cruelty, we decided that he needed to start going to a doggy day care. The one that we chose even has a webcam to see what the little pups are up to. Mostly it's cute things, like you would find on a greeting card, such as:

While this is cute and all, I didn't truly understand why a webcam would be necessary to capture such lolmoments. However, just a few moments ago, I came to understand the real value of the webcam. At first, he appeared to just be sitting and posing for me in front of the camera. It was only when he stepped aside that I realized, well, please see the pictures below.

What a good boy!

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Anonymous said...

we take our dog to pampered pooch playground in St Louis Park and we love watching all of their webcams. They even put them at dog height so you can see great!