Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Surprise of Inauguration Day

Currently on CNN, they are running the following fact:

"Mr. Obama & Mr. Biden [are] receiving inscribed, engraved crystal bowls as gifts from the American people."

I'm sorry, what? I didn't know I was pitching in to give the new President and Vice-President a gift! Shouldn't they have at least sent around a card to sign?

Now, I am not begrudging these fine folks their presents. What says "Presidential Inauguration" like receiving a punch bowl after all? All I am saying is that if a gift was going to be made in my name, then I wish I would have had some say in it.


Buttercup said...

That's odd. I DID sign the card. But I also voted that they receive an engraved crystal paper weight shaped like a duck-billed platypus. Obviously, my 2 cents went unheeded.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Uhm, if I'm ever elected President, I know the person I'll be hiring to figure out my surprise gift!

Christie said...

Hey, I like it that you're posting things again! It makes my day better. :)