Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Case of You

For those who aren't in the know, there is a wonderful singer/pianist named Diana Krall, and by wonderful, I mean that I, the jaded, old man listener, am consumed by a sense of wonder whenever I have to opportunity to listen to her music. A buddy of mine who comments here from time, superaustin, was the one who introduced me to her music, and I don't think I can ever thank him enough for that.

There is, however, one song in particular that sticks out more than any other song. I first heard this song several years ago when I went to one of her concerts at the Santa Barbara Bowl The poignant beauty of its lyrics bring me to tears nearly every time that I listen to it, and so I listen to it as rarely as I can, in order to not make it any less special to me than it is. It's a silly thing to do, I realize, but what can I do? We all value what we value; it is this that makes us human; it is this that makes us unique.

In some ways, it's funny that person who originally wrote A Case of You was Joni Mitchell. But, whereas Joni Mitchell's songs are frequently songs of innocence, I believe Diana Krall's version to be a song of experience.

In the song, are these words, which are sung as the chorus.

"You're in my blood like holy wine,
You taste so bitter, and you taste so sweet,
Oh, I could drink a case of you,
And still be on my feet, and still be on my feet."

And why this song connects with me so strongly is the fact that those few words express my ideal of love more concisely and with more efficacy and beauty than I could ever presume to write or even think.

So what's your point, AC? Well, let's just say that it's kind of a heavy song to decide to listen to at work. It gets kinda awkward to have tears in your eyes when people are asking you database questions. In addition, and slightly off-topic, I'm getting tired, and, when tired, the emotions flow a little more regularly, so it's gonna be a rough couple of weeks for the old AC as rehearsals are going to be getting longer and more frequent.

If you have some extra time, and, depending on your views on such things, either say a little prayer for me or else send some happy thoughts in this direction. I would appreciate either of those thoroughly.

I hope that everyone reading this will have an opportunity to hear this song at some point. It is on her Live in Paris cd, which, if you're interested, could probably be purchased from the link on the bottom of this page.


superaustin said...

Concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl? I bet I was there! And bonafide!

Oh, and you're very, very welcome m'man. The Live in Paris DVD is pretty great. Also, if you haven't seen it, she has a Live from the Montreal Jazz Festival DVD that runs really inexpensive. She does a lot of stuff from Girl in the Other Room on it. Reccomended.

Thany said...

LOVE Diana Krall...think I might pull out one of her albums to listen to this afternoon. Thanks AC!