Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm Going to a Wedding

I thought I would let you all know that I am leaving early tomorrow morning to make a several hour drive north to see a buddy's wedding. Therefore, there will likely be no post tomorrow.

However, I will leave you with something to mull over.

While I was doing tech work for a show (and I was the best dang spotlight b there ever was, I might add), a couple of friends and I got to talking, and we thought that it would be hilarious to work on a musical based on the popular video game and movie franchise Mortal Kombat.

We also decided that the character Sub-Zero:

should be the main character, and, though he is definitely not presented this way in the video game, we envisioned him as a delicate romantic character, who may or may not have slightly effeminate tendencies.

Unfortunately, as such conversations about the most awesome idea ever often end up, nothing has yet come of our idea.

Until now.

This is your challenge, gentle readers. It is my belief that Sub-Zero should sing a romantic ballad about how frustrated he is in love in this show. I think that this song should be titled, "Black and Blue (on the inside)."

With these things in mind, I challenge you, my readers, to submit stanzas of verse or ideas about how this song should flow.

And what will the winner receive? Well, the winner can rest in the knowledge that they have helped to make the world a better place, because once I have the lyrics, I will write music for this song. Once the song is written, I will video tape myself (dressed as Sub-Zero) performing the song, and I will post it on you tube for all to enjoy.

This is your challenge for this weekend. Good night, and good luck.


superaustin said...

That's all well and good, but where's my T-Shirt!?!

Also, are you planning on going to Atog's play tomorrow night? The Lady and I are gonna hustle up there after I get off of work in order to try and catch it...

Analyst Catalyst said...

Still working on the shirt, unfortunately. I've tried a couple of designs, and I have one that I like, but the lettering is too small, I think.

I don't know if we'll make it to the play or not. I think we'd like to, but we'll just have to see how things play out.

Oh, and write some lyrics, you musician, you!

Red Riding Hood said...

I take offense to the "best spotlight in the world" comment! Need I remind you of an incident with a beauty and a beast? Need I mention the amazing spot light people? Need I remind you they even had t-shirts!? You haven't even given out your t-shirts... NEED I SAY MORE!?

Analyst Catalyst said...

In my defense, I said I was the best spotlight b.

And I was pretty much the best. TBHTHPSTH!!!

Greg said...

Mmm... I would have went with Reptile. He seems more romantic. Just look at that tongue!