Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Fair Lady

Rehearsals started for My Fair Lady last night. I think that it's going to be a pretty good show. We read through the first act, and all of the characterization that I saw going on was really great.

The original choreographer that we had had to leave the show, however, and so we had a new choreographer last night, which meant that we had to do some dancing for him so that he could see what we could do.

It should be noted that there was a list that went out with the original cast list that listed which people were expected to be dancers and which weren't. However, many people have left the show since the original cast was announced. Nevertheless, you can imagine my surprise when, as they were reading those people who were expected to be dancers, I heard my name being called.

Really? Me? Do you understand that a potato with two toothpicks for legs would look more natural dancing than I would?

After I got over the shock, the choreographer showed us a simple routine. I followed it pretty well, and I did it well when we were doing it as a group. Unfortunately for me, they then asked us to do it in groups of three.

My group was the first to go.

The first time that they asked us to do the routine, I hit every step. In fact, I did so well, that the choreographer asked to see it again, this time with me in front of the others. It was the second time that, much like a Greek tragedy, my hubris got the best of me and I forgot just about all of movements.

I was not asked to dance again.

It's probably for the best.


miss thany said...

Hey AC, I think you are int eh show with my dear friend Russell Holcomb....hopefully I will get to come and see you guys this time--have a ton of fun, Twinkle Toes.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Yes, I believe he is in the show. I have enjoyed seeing him in other productions, so I'm looking forward to being in this one with him.

miss thany said...

He is an A #1 Primo Goof-er Around-er so you guys could have some fun. He was once well known for bringing a TV and X-Box and setting up X-Box tournaments in the men's dressing room on Helix during the down time of a show. After half of the guys in the show almost missed a cue, he had to put the tourneys on hold. :)

Analyst Catalyst said...

Excellent. He seems to be shy, but I suspect that I also appear the same way as we don't really know each other yet.