Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Call Back

Though I am now three days away from my call back, and I therefore have a few nagging doubts about reasons they haven't called yet, I was very pleased with how my call back went in general.

I sang my prepared song well. The auditionees even smiled and commented on how good it was.

I sang the song they asked me to sing well. My only gripe is that at one point, the song went into four part harmony, and, not being able to sing four parts, I worked on the tenor and bass parts, when, in fact, they wanted me to sing the soprano part, as that's where the melody was.

And I even did all right with the dance portion.

And, in the words of the immortal Homer Simpson, "Now we play the waiting game...oh, the waiting game sucks! Who wants to play Monopoly?"

Perhaps I should have included with my headshot and resume a copy of my open letter to another theatre group in the area, and let them know that the offer also applied to them.

All in all, I really think that I have a shot at this. We'll see if I get it.


the important people said...

you did great

Analyst Catalyst said...

Aw! Thanks important people!