Wednesday, October 11, 2006

AC's Money Making Idea of the Day

I've figured out how to make a million dollars.

First, you need to be in the skin care industry, and you need to spend particular time trying to come up with face creams that smooth skin. Second, you have to come up with an excellent product, although really, this idea is so genius that even a mediocre product probably couldn't fail.

Now, it is imperative that you make the product's tag line:

We pore our time into thinking about your skin.

I ask you, how could you not buy a face cream with that tag line? I know that if I were wandering the face cream aisle, and I came upon a face cream with that phrase written on it, I would be forced to say, "That's a ****ing clever line; I don't ****ing even ****ing use face ****ing cream, but I ****ing need some of this! ****."

What can I say, really clever advertising makes me swear.

Now, if any of you really do make a million bucks off of this idea, I only ask that you would give me $21,000. Why 21,000 you ask?

Why not?


superaustin said...

So I'm gonna guess that someone took ol' AC up on his idea and now he's too busy spending his 21,000 to post today.


I'm also gonna guess that ol' AC is too busy to grace us with his presence at Saint Me's birthday party tomorrow night.

Again, pity.

Analyst Catalyst said...

I wish somebody would giveme 21 grand. Mmm. That'd be sweet.

Also, I just wasn't feeling too inspired, as you will probably be able to tell by my post that managed.

Also, be sure to tell Saint Me "Happy Birthday" for me. I called him last night, but he should hear it again.

Thinking in Ohio said...

AC, I'm thinking I'm going to run with your idea and hey, I'll even give you 22 grand just to square us off! You're a linguistical genius! And you make me laugh too.