Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On Halloween

My roommate took this picture of the arachnid that haunts my dreams. Give it a click so that you can fully appreciate how awesomely terrible and terribly awesome it is.

My roommate also pointed out that the spider must be pretty clever if it got to be so big, and he pointed out that constructing a web right in front of the light outside of our apartment was a genius move on the spider's part, because it shows that the spider knows what the delicious bugs are attracted to.

So, great, now I've got a genius spider outside my door.

Although, come to think of it, I should have known when, as I was walking by, I heard a tiny voice say, "EUREKA! A squared plus B squared equals C squared! I'm a genius!"

In any case, here's wishing a very happy Halloween to you and yours.


The Spider What AC is Correct in Describing as Clever said...

You heard my calculations?!? Oh, but AC, if you only knew what A, B and C stood for...

Also, your roommate may have taken my picture, but I have also taken something of his... ask him if he seems to have misplaced HIS SOUL! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Analyst Catalyst said...

He did shriek at me when I turned the light on the other day.