Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It Is On

I came into work this morning with high hopes of working hard and not having to worry about the spider what lives outside of my house. However, somebody had a different idea for how I should spend my day. When I got to my desk, I found this sitting by my keyboard.

All I have to say is that this spider is intent upon terrorizing me. When you consider how far my apartment is from my place of work, this feat is even more amazing.

I believe that this explains why I didn't see the little guy the other day. He, like Vanessa Carlton, was making his way downtown.

Ah yes, but, spider, you have shown your hand too soon! I now know what you are capable of, whereas you know nothing about what I am capable of. To give you a hint, I submit, for your reading pleasure, a poem from that great poet of our times, Bullwinkle Moose.


"Little spider on the wall,
Ain't you got no brains at all?
Can't you see the wall's been plastered?
Oh, you stupid little...spider."


The Spider What is More Clever Than AC said...

You're not so clever. I'm the clever one.

Do not forget - while I may have revealed a hand, there are still seven hidden. And when next a hand is revealed, that first hand will dip back into my pocket of mystery and be filled again with the unknown.

Terrifying notes are only the beginning...

Analyst Catalyst said...

Oh man. I had forgotten that you have 7 others. I'm hosed.

Or will you be hosed, little harbinger of doom?