Thursday, October 19, 2006

A List for Thursday

For lack of anything better to write about today, I thought that I would list some folks that I would like to punch in the back of the head.

Because that's how I roll.

1) Joe Francis: He is the creator of the popular Girls Gone Wild video series, and he has likely taken advantage of at least one girl.

2) Adam Corolla: He used to be on Love Line, but he has since gone on to the greener pastures of collecting unemployment.

3) Randy Moss: He has a lot of talent, but he's just a big sissy who jogs his patterns in an apparent honest effort to make the Raiders lose.

4) Eli Manning: Didn't want to play in San Diego, huh?

That's it. I understand that this wouldn't fall under the category of being especially creative, or constructive, or even healthy, but I just needed to make myself a list so, assuming I ever run into any of these people, I'll know just what to do.

Who would you like to punch in the back of the head?

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