Wednesday, April 12, 2006

After a Day Being Ill,

I returned to work today, victorious over the forces that sought to keep me from feeling minty fresh, but I was feeling a bit down on myself due to the fact that there was now a mountain of things to do at work. I couldn't help but feel a little behind.

After I got slapped for the aforementioned action, I got back to what I actually meant by that statement, which is to say that I had not accomplished all of the things that I had to do.

However, I remembered something that I had heard yesterday, namely that an italian mafia boss had just been arrested after evading police for forty-three years.

I'm just saying, that number makes our three years of looking for WMDs in Iraq seem a lot more reasonable, and it certainly makes my work being one day later than anticipated seem like a lot less drastic of a situation.

p.s.: I know that was a cheap shot about the WMDs. What can I say? I pander to the masses.

p.p.s.: Doesn't the mob boss look like the devil in the photograph in the link?

p.p.p.s.: Don't the Italian police look like terrorists? If that's what they look like all the time, I can only imagine what humorous situations they must find themselves in.

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