Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two Things

First, a comic from a wonderfully funny website: explosm.net.

Secondly, I am amazed at how well Netflix works. My roommate subscribes to this service, and he gets three or four new movies a week.

Let me just say that I, at first, thought that Netflix was a dumb concept. That is, why would I want to wait two or three days to get the movies I want, when I could go down to Blockbuster and get whatever I wanted the same day? However, in my analysis, I had forgotten a deeply engrained truth in American culture: people like to get mail.

I myself like to get mail so much, that even when I fail to get advertisements that I don't want, I leave my mail box feeling disappointed. If it's been a rough day, it's even worse. It's like, "Not even people that want my money want to communicate with me today." However, when you get movies via mail, you get a sense of self-worth (ridiculous as that may be) and, well, movies.

However, on the flip side of the coin, Blockbuster online is supposed to be pretty sweet too, in that they give you a free coupon every so often to go in and get a movie.

What say you, the reading populace? Have you tried either of these services? What are your opinions?

Also, this is officially my hundredth post. Huzzah!


:: mandy :: said...

1. Best part of your post: the word "huzzah." I love it.

2. I also love getting mail, but instead I buy books from half.com or (if I'm feeling diverse) amazon. No movies, no expertise from me on either. Sorry to disappoint. I hope the rest of your general reading populace is also a movie-watching populace.

3. I can't spell today. I've corrected at least five misspelled words in this comment so far. For the sake of honesty in our friendship, I thought you should know.

Thany said...

Mandy stole my comment. From what I have heard of her, this is totally typical behavior. (Ha! Just kidding!) I love that you use the word Huzzah...it is what brings me back to this blog every day.

My neighbors use Blockbuster.com and they love it. I would do it if we cold swing the extra money but, unfortunately, I have to feed my children.

Anonymous said...

This was very interesting. I never made the attachment to the mail thing and the esteem deal before, but I think your on to something. I like to recieve mail too... but there's no way I'm going to wait days to watch my movies. Instant Gratification... isn't that the mantra of our generation?