Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Hypothetical

Let's say that you have had a project hanging over your head for a customer since December. Let's also say that there was something wrong with the way things were set up on your side of things since December, so you haven't been able to complete this project for the customer as of yet.

Let's say this customer sells apples.

Now let's say that you are so close to finishing this project for the customer that sells apples, that you can almost taste it, but there are a couple of variables for the project that you are unsure of.

Now, let's say that you email a coworker who has worked with this customer who sells apples before to try to figure it out. Because he has helped you before, you assume that he will again help explain to you what the issue is. Now let's say that he calls you back, after receiving your email, to say, "I don't mean to offend you, but I don't want to look at anything that has to do with the customer that sells f#$%ing apples any more today."

Let's say you take that under advisement, and you wish him a good day.

Now let's say that you speak with the person who trained you for your position servicing the customer who sells apples, and you ask her to clarify. You even send her a spreadsheet that she had already received in the hopes that she would be able to help you. You are sure to mark in the subject line that this spreadsheet is about the customer who sells apples.

Now, let's say that she writes you back and says that the spreadsheet does look funny for the customer who sells ORANGES, and that you should talk with your boss for clarification.

Now, hypothetically, with a maximum of 18, from how many stories up do you throw yourself from the window of your office building?


Saint Me said...


Red Riding Hood said...

sounds to me like you need to start throwing apples at them all