Friday, April 28, 2006


So the gf and I were trying to get seats to Wicked this morning as this was the first day that tickets were available. It should also be noted that the ticketing office is right next door to a large hall that is the site for various events, including governmental ceremonies. It should also be noted that, luckily, our office building is right next to the ticketing office.

Because our office building is so close, the gf and I were tag-teaming the line-waiting. When it was my turn to go and wait for a while, I left the office and headed over there, and as I was walking out of the building, two people who work for my company in a different department were noticing the line of people waiting and were trying to figure out what it was.

As I passed, the suggestion that I heard was, "Are they having an immigration ceremony today?"

Right. A line that at least half caucasian people is obviously the line for an immigration ceremony, especially if it takes place in San Diego. We have a HUGE influx of people from Northern Europe who want to live here. HUGE.


Saint Me said...

were you able to get tickets? the fiance and i were not able to.

Analyst Catalyst said...

We got the tickets that we wanted, but we have to sit apart. I don't know if you all would consider that, but it might work.

There were a lot of presale tickets sold.

Saint Me said...

I know about the presale. That sucks. The fiance won't go for sitting apart even though I was up for it. The wedding is September 16.

Analyst Catalyst said...

If you try ticketmaster again, you may be able to get two tickets together somewhere if you go mid-week. I don't know if that's an option for you guys, but that's probably your best shot to sit together.

Saint Me said...

We went to Ticketmaster yesterday actually. It is completely sold out. Not even single seats left.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Wow. That's amazing.