Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fantasy Sports

I signed up for a fantasy baseball team with yahoo through a group of people I've met online at a theatre website. This has got me to thinking, however, that why is it that sports are the only fantasy style game available to us? Why doesn't somebody make up a fantasy media/celebrity game? And by that, I mean, people would get points for how well or how poorly some celebrity does in the media spotlight on any given day.

For example, Tom Cruise is going to be a father: plus twelve points. However, he's unmarried, and his opinions on child birth are kinda scary: negative fifteen points.

Hmm. I suspect that it would just be too difficult to say what were positive points and what were negative points. Dang pluralistic world.

I would just be interested to see how a Pitt/Jolie combo would match up against a Spears/Federline one. I think smart money would be on the Pitts; they have a veritable army of children on their side.

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Thany said...

I am totally in.
Extra points if you have a weird religion like Scientology...