Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Open Letter to Washington Mutual

Dear Sirs,

When does free checking cease to become free checking? Apparently when your company arbitrarily decides to start charging fees for using ATM machines not at your locations. Now while it would be quite handy for me to use your ATM machines if I, say, lived at your location, this is, unfortunately, not the case. In fact, when I tried to do so, you ran me off with a hose.

When do I lose faith in my banking establishment? When I call about the fees that I have recently started to get, and I get a reply that says that I will be charged three dollars for every time I use a non-Washington Mutual ATM during the month in question, and the fees that I have been charged are in the amounts of four dollars for the month of February and ten dollars for the month of March.

The last time I checked, four and ten were not divisible by three without a remainder, which leads me to believe that I must have used an ATM for only a third of a transaction, with I guess the other two thirds of the transaction being my money being dropped to me by bird and speaking with a teller who was under the impression that her head was a rectal thermometer.

What makes me sad, nay, angry sirs, is that your bank is still probably the best choice in banking, even with your new policy changes leaving me feeling as taken advantage of as a District Attorney would be wherever this sticker is stuck.

In conclusion, thank you for teaching me the value of a dollar again. This is a lesson that I will remember.


Analyst Catalyst

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