Saturday, April 01, 2006


So I got conned into running spotlight at the college that I went to for their spring musical. They are doing a production of Little Women, though not the one that was on Broadway last year.

Anyways, I was checking my fantasy baseball on the computer here (because I'm a nerd like that), and all of a sudden I receive an instant message from somebody I don't know because some other person I don't know was signed in on the computer. I was presented with an ethical dilemma: admit that I was not the person that they meant to write to, or else converse with them incognito.

I think we all know which option I went with. I nearly got caught when I assumed that the other person was a student at the school and asked if they were planning on coming to the show, and they responded with, "what? i don't know what your (sic) talking about." To this I responded out loud, "UH," and tried to exit the program, but was unsuccessful in doing so, because I'm a moron and I think that X-ing out of the instant messenger box will sign me out, only to be horrified when a new window opened up with the continued conversation.

In any case, the other person said that they would probably go, and I told him to talk to me the next time he saw me about it. Now that is a conversation that I would love to hear.

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