Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In News Only a Music Major Could Find Interesting...

Some scholars believe that Mrs. Bach wrote some of the music that J.S. Bach has gotten credit for. The article says that at least one person who thinks this said that some of Bach's pieces just seemed to lack the genius of most of his other pieces.

In response, the long dead Mrs. Bach said, "Hey! Get off my Bach!"

See, it's funny because it's like back...never mind.

But seriously, this is huge. This is like finding out that a baseball player who may overtake the all-time home run record did so with the aid of illegal substances, or that a scientist who worked to clone a dog in Korea didn't actually clone the dog. This will shake the world of music to its core; well, at least for the three of us that care about two hundred and fifty years dead composers.

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