Friday, April 07, 2006

Nouns into Verbs?

The following is an excerpt from this article.

"After all, it's not like I can claim last Monday didn't work out for me, seeing as how 35 minutes after leaving downtown I was chowing an avocado burrito at Campo's on Pico and 20th in Santa Monica..." (Italics mine)

Are we really going to accept this? I mean, however disgusting a purely avocado burrito would be, that is merely drawing attention away from the fact that the noun chow is being used as a verb. This is ridiculous, and poor English to boot!

However, having said that, I guess I actually empathize with the man in that just this morning I was carring along to work when I was struck with a hunger pang, so I decided that I needed to food. When I was finished fooding, I completed carring to work, where, upon my arrival, I speeched with my boss about some issues related to my work. Upon finalization of speeching, I movemented to my cubicle, and chaired myself up to my desk, where I occupationed until the lunch bell belled, at which point I fooded some more. After lunch, I employmented up until five o-clock, at which point I legworked back to the parking garage and vehicled my way home. All in all, I vocationed well today. Thank goodness that I have workweeked to completion. Luckily I shall be reposing and relaxationing this weekend, otherwise I could never job again on Monday.

Seriously, is that really the language that we want?


Jinbon H Wrong aka Sloop John B said...

Participles go back as far as language itself. Where would we be without them?

NOWHERE, that's where.

Analyst Catalyst said...

But a participle is a verb used as an adjective; I'm talking about a a noun being used seriously incorrectly as a verb.

But we would be nowhere without participles, that much is certain.

:: mandy :: said...

"Chowing" is a transitive verb, according to (the quietly understood final word on questions of this kind). Although it is generally accompanied with the word "down," this person actually sneaks by the Grammar Police

But don't worry, it still sounds terrible, so you are justified in your dislike.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to go and rough up the grammar police and make them be a little more discerning.

Thinking in Ohio said...

Given Mandy's appeal to the "final word" I must agree with her... but, you have certainly made this violation sound atrocious. Just do us a favor and don't go before the UN with evidence for war anytime soon... you're just that good... you might have us bombing Canada or some other neigboring state. Very original article.

Saint Me said...


beloved said...

Can we discuss the whole avocado burrito thing, now?