Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Update

Yesterday I wrote and said that I was not looking forward to the diversity training.

Let me just say how calloused and unenlightened I was in my young age! It wasn't until I got there, and the presenter started talking about how we all just need to be respected that the scales fell from my eyes, and I was no longer blinded by my own prejudices.

In reality, though, it wasn't all that bad. Although most of it was common sense (don't tell a pregnant woman that she needs something that beeps when she's walking in reverse and don't make comparisons about your coworker to Willy, the whale who needed to be freed, if he's overweight [apparently it's okay if he's a regular weight]), it was actually a kind of enjoyable time.

The presenter had me at her joke about how this sexual harassment course was not a course to learn how to sexually harass better. What can I say? Curse this bleeding heart!

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